Companies See Increased Results From Their Website Marketing

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April 8, 2016
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April 27, 2016
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Companies See Increased Results From Their Website Marketing

Increase In Website Marketing Results

It is true, not all companies use the internet as a way of generating new. Over the past year we noticed that companies who invested in acquiring a website or in being found through search engines, have seen an increase in the inquiries they received.

Most Underestimate How Many People Are On The Web

A great deal of people work, play and live through different web tools. Most companies in Malta see Facebook as an essential tool to connect companies with their customers. In this aspects Facebook is a great tool yet it is difficult to provide a list of services through the social media.

Trust is the Currency Online

Consider yourself looking to buy something online. Would you buy something that you didn’t trust that you will receive what is promised? Trust is the key. Facebook can start attracting leads but it is the website that builds trust with potential customers.

Companies See Increasing Amount of Leads Online

Over the past year companies in Malta have seen an increase in online enquiries. This is especially felt in companies that are not dependent on their online for their business generation. Some comments received over the past year:
  1. “We are attracting suppliers from abroad that want to import their brand.”
  2. “We are seeing more activity and receiving enquiries even though our website was not intended for that.”
  3. “The minute we had a website with good looks and performance, we started receiving calls and enquiries from the website.
  4. “We want to make our website double the sales of our company”

Website Marketing Is Being Seen In a Different Light

As this continues to increase, people are constantly feeling that a website is critical component of their marketing arsenal. In a world of technology, not having a website can be frustrating to clients who want to save time and buy from you. The main benefits of having a website are to:
  1. Be found when people look for you online, including through a mobile.
  2. Build a solid impression by people who visit your company website
  3. Have a connector to people who love to buy from you
  4. Attract leads and business
The critical aspect of sales is to make the process of buying as easy as possible for the client. A website does that perfectly.

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