EuroBridge Website Design & Build

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April 8, 2016
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EuroBridge Website Design & Build

Work Accomplished

  • Created a design concept for the website
  • Built navigation structure
  • Managed website project
  • Improved website copy
  • Developed graphic design using motto for main page and other pages.
  • Optimised website for Google Friendliness
  • Provided training to the client

Overview of Work


EuroBridge Shipping Services Ltd




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EuroBridge required a new website to match the ever growing stature of the company. The website was seen both as an improvement to their online image as well as a way that can increase leads over the internet.

Perhaps the main element of this website was the use of their motto. Throughout the website we introduced their motto to make the website fun and accessible to people.

The website includes elements that link it to a newsletter, is intended to have a shipping news blog and a page to facilitate people to make a quote over the internet.

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