Your Path To Online Business Growth

We offer more than just services. We offer our knowledge, our care and our support to fulfilling your requirements. Here is how you can build your business online.

2. Build Your Website.

As Eyelead we can help your company choose what web solutions you need, create an online presence and manage it on your behalf. Whatever you need related to online business, we can help you set up, manage and improve your corporate presence across the years.

By talking with your people we get to understand your requirements and provide you with relevant choices that fit your needs, budgets and expectations. We prefer using internationally recognised standards so that you have a service that is flexible when it comes to technological changes.

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3. Update & Manage Your Website

Like you wouldn't eat a vegetable that goes bad, neither will you have a good impression from a broken website. A website needs care like anything does. The greatest mistake a company can do is to have a website that is not customer friendly. A website needs to convey that it is ready to take on business even if the web is not your primary source of business.

It is better not to have a website than one that is not working as intended. We can help you to manage the website so it is up to date and conveying the right message. We can offer copy writing services, provide website support, do website changes and provide for the functional needs of your website. We bring to your website a content, technical and marketing acumen so you have it covered from all angles.

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6. Leverage Email Marketing

Email Marketing is where you leverage the power of lists. You are able to maintain relationships with your clients even when there are thousands. Email marketing generates a great deal of sales when used correctly. It is not about sending adverts to your list. That is spam. Yet when you are sending valuable content to your customer to educate him about what you believe in and how s/he can solve problems, email marketing becomes a sales tool.

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8. Have Holistic Online Marketing

Online Marketing is about finding a need and service it in a profit table fashion. It is more than advertising online. Online marketing is a process that allows your company to find the right customers for you.

We start by looking at your needs, help you come up with a strategy, prepare the content for your campaigns and manage the promotion process. This we can do over a stretch of time or periodically so that we provide monitoring and knowledge when is needed.

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